UP235 car wash water is a car wash foaming product for auto car wash stations. The product is specially designed to allow car wash stations to skip the cleaning step, reducing labor and time … The use of a combination of advanced surface-active agents instead of direct use next with highly alkaline substances such as caustic soda, helping to keep the car’s paint layer always shiny and not damaged over time. The product is suitable for use on metal surfaces, glass, plastic, rubber, … ingredients using environmentally friendly and safe for users.

  • UP 235 ® - Car cleaner

User manual

Mix the car wash water UP235 with clean water in ratio 1:70, spray water with pre-pressure on the whole body, then spray snow foam of the mixture UP235 has just been mixed on the whole car and wait about 3-5 minutes for use The solution is absorbed before using detergent spray to remove bubbles and dirt. Finally use air gun to dry the car.


– Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
– Close the lid well after use.
– Keep out of reach of children and pets.
– Do not drink.
– Do not mix with any other cleaning chemicals.

Made in Viet Nam.

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